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77-78.    Fragments of verses in praise of Bukka as Yuvaraja.
79.    Does artha rise out of dha*nia, or dharma  from  artha?
Do the others (kama and moksa) rise from these, or these
from them ? In this discussion3 he (the prince) said that
the nature of the body is best (most important) as it is
the source of dharma.
80.    Praise of Ayurveda.
81.    Bukka   commissions   Laksrnanapandita,   the sou  of Sii
Vallabha, the ornament of Vatsakula to inquire into the
essence of Ayurveda.
82.    Laksm&na's humble acceptance of the task ; the king was
the home of all knowledge, yet by service under him,
Laksmana had also gained some competence.
83.    Bukka repeats and defines the scope of his commission
to Laksmana.
84.    He composed the Bhisagvailabha-tantra.
r{tidyarajcivallabham\   Cat, Skt. Mts.  Mysore Oriental Jlfss. Library,
Nos- 148> 12S3, 3832.
1.    Eulogy on Bharatitirtha.
2.    Description of the milk-ocean.
3.    Description of the Moon born of the above.
4.    The royal race born from the Moon in which Krsna also
was born as a scion of the Yadavas.
5.    In that Yadava vamsa was born emperor Samgama.
6.    Of him were born five kings, for the making of the world,
even as the five  elements—Haryapa,  Kampa, Bukka,
Muddapa and Marapa.
7.    Of these (Bukka)............(there is   a   gap  here  in  the
description of Bukka)? who, taking the forms of Madha-
varya and Sayanarya. commented upon the Vedas,
8-10.    From  this Bukka  arose,   like   the   Sun    from    the
'Udayagirf, King Harihara who frequently overran the